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About Goddess Gillian

Spiritually Gifted Since Childhood...



Gillian has been a student of enlightened living her entire life, and is a gemstone and crystal expert. In addition, she has been an intuitive empath since childhood. She really saw her intuitive and specifically her clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities accelerate when she became enamored with crystals 30 years ago. Her appetite for energy work and healing with crystals was insatiable. She learned everything she could about crystals, their energy and healing properties. Once Gillian incorporated crystals into her intuitive and energy healing work, her abilities skyrocketed. She attributes this expansion of consciousness to her connection to crystals and her 30+ years of working with Crystalline Energy.

Gillian became a reiki master 20 years ago and has incorporated that healing modality into her practice. She has also been a tarot reader for over 20 years and uses her honed intuitive abilities to get to the heart of your burning questions. While Gillian does not need any any aids in her work, she uses tarot as an additional tool to offer another layer of information to help people stay on the path for their highest spiritual evolution. It is Gillian's belief that in every moment we are completely in charge of our life and that includes being in perfect health.

Tranquil Environment


From the moment you enter the property, our focus is on tranquility and connection with your higher self and Spirit. Let Goddess Gillian help you reset, and reconnect, for a more peaceful and graceful understanding of Life...

Powerful Energy Tools


Many people underestimate the effect high-quality crystals have on the physical body when used in an energy session. Goddess Gillian has been working with some of the most powerful crystals available.  Please see the Master Sun section of this website. If you fall in love, many crystals are also available for purchase!