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California, United States

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Goddess Gillian





During the most recent devastating fires in southern California, my family had been evacuated with no knowledge if our house was still standing. We were told by neighbors and the news, that my neighborhood had been decimated, and that my beloved home was gone. I was literally hysterical, but we were still evacuated so there was no way to find out. I had a reading with Gillian where she used no cards or aids. She asked me why I thought my house was gone, and I told her that's what I had been told. She closed her eyes and "looked" and told me that my house had survived the fires!! She said that the flames had come up to the windows, but the house was still standing! She also told me that she saw Arch Angel Michael on the roof of my house diverting the river of fire that had come through the neighborhood! She also told me that my home was divinely protected and to continue to envision that....I found it very hard to believe...but her words calmed me. Finally when we were allowed back into the area, it was EXACTLY as she said! All the bushes around my home were burned!! AND someone had climbed up on the roof and cut a small hole in the ceiling to put out the fire that had come up the sides of the house. THERE WERE NO FIREFIGHTERS IN THE AREA! So an ANGEL saved my home! When I finally spoke to the fire fighters, they told me it was a MIRACLE that the house survived!!! Gillian SAW IT ALL IN PERFECT DETAIL!! She is utterly amazing!!! THANK YOU Goddess Gillian...Thank you!!

L.S. ~ Malibou Lake

Gillian is an amazing intuitive using the Tarot. She accurately predicted that I would be offered a spectacular career changing job that would bring me to California. I found that unbelievable at the time, but it happened and I took the job, moved to California and have never been happier! 

Elsa L. - Los Angeles

I came to Gillian's Sanctuary and she gave me a reading without cards or any aids. She saw that my wife was interested in someone else. She said that my wife had not cheated but was interested. When I confronted my wife with love and compassion about that possibility, she went crazy, and got violent and the following day moved everything out of the house. And what do you know, she WAS interested in someone else and they consummated their relationship after my wife moved out. I was saved so much heartache and drawn out drama by knowing. I am grateful to Gillian for her compassionate intuition. 

Bob - South Bay   


OMG!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! Gillian is the real deal, so intuitive, wow. She knew what was going on in my life as soon as I spoke and I confirmed it for her. Absolutely amazing! The reading was so good that I had to call her right back. So pleasant and nice, it felt like I was talking to a girlfriend. I will definitely be calling back again. Thank you so much! 


LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! She has a true gift! Thank you 



In the past 10 years, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been using a catheter for four months, unable to urinate on his own. He finally went in for surgery last week to rectify this situation. I asked Gillian to perform remote healing's on him , which she did. After the surgery Gillian texted me and reported that she cleared a blockage in his prostate and did a lot of work on clearing the cancer. At the exact time she did the clearing, my dad was able to urinate on his own after 4 months! What is even more remarkable, was the fact his doctor came in a short time later and reported they had not found any cancer in the labs!!! Seems like a miracle! We are astonished by this incredible news! My family is so grateful to her for her love, energy and gift! 

L.S. – Malibu

Gillian began working on my father remotely over the holidays when he had a ruptured appendix and perforated bowel and was inundated with gangrene. He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Gillian began a series of remote healing's on him and miraculously, even though the doctors said he had only a very slim chance of survival ~ he not only survived, but came home and was doing taxes by tax season! My dad is 88 years old. In Gratitude,

L. L. ~ Los Angeles